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Regarding to the adjudgement from 12th May 1988 from the provincial court Hamburg it was decided the you have to take responsibility for any contents of links on your website. You can only distance yourself from the content to avoid being declared responsible. We have links to other websites on various pages and want to emphasise that we do not have any influence on content or layout of the linked websites. We do distance ourselves explicitly from their contents. This declaration counts for any links that occur on our website. 


Content of the online offer

Heidi Ebner does not take responsibility for the correctness, completeness and actuality of the offered information on the website. We do not assume liability for any harm that might occur by using the website. 


References and links

We do not assume liability for any external links to foreign websites and their content. We do not have any influence on their content, authorship or current and future layout. Heidi Ebner distances herself from any changes of the linked websites from the point of time connected with our website. We are grateful for any advice regarding any critical contents on the websites which are referred to from our website. 


Copy right

All contens and structures of this website are protected by copyright. The publication in Wolrd Wide Web or any other services of the Internet does not contain any declaration of agreement for an ulterior use of third parties. We allow and welcome quoting from our website as long as it is declared that Heidi Ebner is the legal owner of the content and third parties do not disagree with Heidi Ebners interests. 


Commercial Property Right

Any brand marks named on this website or registered by third parties are subject to restrictions of the particular trade mark laws and commercial designations. Only due to naming brands does not mean they may not be protected by rights of third parties.  


Legal force of the disclaimer

The disclaimer has to be seen as a part of the website offer from which one was referred to out website. In case any part of several phrases might not be conform to the legal status (or are partially not conform), all the other phrases of the document remain unaffected in their validity.  


No dissuasion without prior contact

In case the content or layout of this website mighte impinge upon somebody´s rights, we would like to ask you to contact us without any debit note. Removals may only be executed with our agreement. We guarantee that any rightly rejected phrases will be deleted immediately without the necessity of an advocate. If you, however, send an invoice without prior contact, we will reject payment and take action if necessary.



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Hausverwaltung Heidi Ebner, Chemnitz +49 (0) 371 4586305

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